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Happy new year! Or well - it's maybe a little too late to say that now but we haven't been very active latetly, sorry for that. There is no specific reason though, it just became a little - you know - lame. But our apologizes out of the way beacuse we shall be more active from now on, and there shall also be a massive reconstruction of Funfact. We shall, for example, add two other pages (mathematics and fun facts) as well as clean up all the messy bits and pieces and make our website a little bit more beutiful. We hope you will like the new FunFact!

Before we say good bye for this time though we do also need to apologize again beacuse we haven't been active on the instagram page as well. And as the fact stands that the owner of the instagram page (more or less) does not care of the website any more our instagram might be down for some longer.




OK, now the website isn't going as sweet and smoth as it did earlier. But it would be nice if we could get all support we can by you guys. Don't forget that this website is made for you! We haven't seen you in the disscus window yet! We're trying our best to improve it as much as possible. And as we've said earlier, don't miss to check out our instagram page. See ya!




Hurray! 30 likes! That's amazing! We're so happy that you guys like our website! We'll work even harder now to get everything as you'd want it to. And don't miss out our cool discuss function that is up and running now! And we can inform you as well that we've just created an instagram page - tandoor.n.nu - where we upload even more facts about earth, space and science!




The upcoming week, we at funfact will work super hard on our website. We are looking to add at least one piece of content everyday. So be sure to check the website for new cool stuff about science!




We are still working on getting more content to the website but now out main focus lies on getting the discuss function up and running! In some time it might be up and running!  

missing date



Now we have put some content on the website. At the moment we are working on updating the website as often as we can.

Remember that the website still is in alpha mode!




Right now we are mainly working on putting content into the website. What would a website be without content!?

Remember to keep in mind that we hosted it very recently and are working hard on it!





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